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Sunday, 15th June

what has happened

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Sorry I have been gone so long. Well… Last Sunday I went to Sarah’s party and I had to miss swimming. On monday I went back to school and I am glad we did. In art we are making collages
and textiles and it is really fun!! and on Friday I got a golden award, I had to read a poem that I had written out loud, I got my swimming certificate, + Bekki got a golden award too. I have seen my Friends Robyn and Tayla quite a lot this week we have played in each others gardens, I like them a lot. Today is Father’s Day and I would just like to wish my Dad, a very HAPPY FATHER’S DAY. Today we are going swimming and hopefully strawberry picking (how many can I eat??). So that is what has happened and see you all soon!!!
Graham and Thom are going to Paris to watch an air show today! Hope they have a good time.

2 Responses to “what has happened”

  1. dad Says:

    Thanks for my Father’s day card and Present Jamie. I had a great day.

  2. Graham Says:

    We had a very good day, thank you Jamie. x

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