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Tuesday, 29th July

turkey again

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hi again
guess where i am going again this year in 12 and a 1/4 days????
thats right ! TURKEY!!! i went last year and it was boiling and that was may and this time i am going in AUGUST!!! i will toast completly and because paula came last year she has gone all huffy and sorry if you’r reading but you were!!!!
see ya again

neo stuff

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hiya everyone
have you seen the banner at the top of the page yet? just click on it and it sends you to neopets which is an amazingly great site. also on the side bar, beetween games and categories are my neo pets
are they not very very cute well you may not think the top left one is but love him. he is called bogey and to the right of bogey is shandin and below shandin is vampire and to the left of vampire is vally. yes i know they are weird names but i love them anyway. leave a comment if you like them

hello again

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hi every one, sorry i have not blogged but loads has been going on now. the new windows are being put in today until friday and the windows are double glazing. i am still neopets crazy and i am playing on a new game called pets4 and it is cool . paula is round here now and urging me to write!!!
so ive got to go but ill be back soon

Wednesday, 23rd July

hello and neopets

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hi every one i have been doing loads of stuff i cant tell it all but i can tell you i have been doing the school play of joseph and his technicoluored dream coat and something else… i have gone….
NEOPETS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope you are well

Friday, 11th July

so far so good

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well the show went really well last night, it didnt finish till 10.05 so it was really late when i got to sleep!! i got woken up this morning but went right back to sleep and i have only just got up!!! Mum says i can go to school later today:-)

Thursday, 10th July

wish me luck

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sorry i have been gone so long but i have to tell you about that later.
i am in a rush coz i am going to play a part in a show called Honk,
tonight at 7.00 and i am really exited. so can u all wish me luck for tonight!!!!:-)

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