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Saturday, 23rd August

happy holiday and my birthday

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hiya im back!!!!!!!!!!!. ive had a great holiday but now im back in england!!!
it was very sunny and i almost lived in the pool. i went out in the town and
it was wicked cos there were so many thing to buy and it was really colourful
i made some new freinds called isobel, danielle, annie and james and they
came home on the same flight as us. i also made a friend called heather and she was
staying for 2 weeks so i didnt come home on the same flight but i left her a message
at the hotel. on the 21 of august it was my birthday and i was nine and i got loads of prezzies and money. i want to thank all my friends and family for a great day (cos mum told me to!!!)

Monday, 11th August

I’m off now!

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I can’t believe it’s here at last..off i go to turkey. see you when i get back and i will tell you all about it:-)

Sunday, 10th August

holidays!!!!! and colds:-(

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guess what???? i’m going to turkey tommorow!!!! yes, can you believe it!!!!
and today i’m getting my hair braided by paula. and now the bad news….. i got a cold on the last minute and i just have to get rid of the catarrh!!!!!
see ya

Friday, 1st August

cheeky my kitten

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ive started playing on a new virtual pets game called petz4 and i have only got 1 pet but i love her all the same. ive taken loads of pics of her
and she is called cheeky!!!
see ya soon

happy birthday!!!!

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id like to give thom a giant
love jamie;-)
p.s paula said happy birthday too!!

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