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Sunday, 13th March


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sarah emailed me askin if i could say something to do with her:
Hi Sarah if u read this reply, and hi all my mates!! OJ, tara, mike, sam, catt, hann, jess, vicci ect…
school 2morrow but oh well, at least i get to see my mates!
im going to my cousin chloes later and my mums going to an embossing class and my dads comin to chloes to to fix a computer, typical dad! By the way ive got a really bad cold!
see ya

3 Responses to “Sarah”

  1. sarah Says:

    thanks jamie if your computer is running properley come on msn but what is ur address i have the wrong one

  2. sarah Says:

    please can u ask your dad veeerrrrrrry niceley i hed can e-mail us sum instructions on how to make a blog. i will be eternally grateful. thankyou REPLY A.S.A.P

    from saRAH

  3. oj Says:

    hi jamie im just readin your messages im in IT at school bye!!

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