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Wednesday, 24th November

School and Other Stuff

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Hi, sorry I haven’t posted 4 a while and i am at school at the mo, but when i get home i will give u details, hi guys im tara, jamies mate, that was my mate, tara!
see ya

One Response to “School and Other Stuff”

  1. oj Says:

    hi jamie how are u?i miss you and all the other dudes at ur school i miss use so much n if you c kathiren at st beeds tell her i sed hi n i miss her.any way i read u got msn you’ll have to tell me your e~mail adress cause ive got msn as well i hope to see to see you soon what day do you finish school and whendo u start? i hope u have still got my email adrees so u can e~mail me
    talk to u soon OJ (:-)

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