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Saturday, 16th October


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about my sleepover: hannah came home with me after school and we got changed and made a door sign saying sleepover in progress do not disturb then we had pizza for tea and played truth or dare and watched school of rock, great film! with alot of sweets! then we watched spy kids 3-d and it was cool then we went to bed about 10.30 but stayed awake till ????? i dont know actually….
and we gossiped alot and then we woke up at 7.30 which is better than last week, 5 am!! then we gossiped a bit more and went down and made toast, butter and marmite, yum! then we annoyed dad for a bit after playing a while and making some thing else, then we got dressed up wierdly and told everyones fortune, well that was our day,,,, ive got dancing in about an hour and i might be going to blackpool after to see the lights….. more details at the end of the day. see you then!!


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hi! sorry i havent been on for a while cos ive been really busy, yesterday my friend hannah slept over and we had a great time, more details soon and now ive got an msn account! so i can talk to my mates! cool innit!!

Dunk for Britain

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Hi everyone ive found a great site today, its called Dunk for britain
see yaaaaa….

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