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Friday, 20th August

my hols

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sos ive been away for so long, i forgot!! so heres a lowdown on my hols:i had megs
for a couple of weeks while kim was at work ( kim is megs mum ) and then

megs went away to turkey for two weeks and i went to robyns party, and
after that i stayed there for 8 hours cos it was boring at home and megs

came back on saturday and she got me a beany hat, a pot and a wall
hanging. ive seen jessie like a zillion times and i went to her

sleepover on friday and you know that reading rollercoaster thing, its
been completed! last time i went to the library i saw jessie and otis,
oh i just remembered something, guess what! ive got to wear glasses!
apparently i am short sighted. im gonna tell you a

secret now…. ive only this week learnt how to ride a bike!! but
sssshhhhhhh its a secret!! i got a load of new make up from superdrug
last week and today ive had megs again and we went shopping and i got
some stuff for my birthday, some clothes from tk maxx and i saw michael
connelly in the pound shop, still annoying as ever!! got a couple of
things from asda and looked at some computer games and dads got a new
laptop, did you see that rain????!!!! its my birthday in 1 day! and
catterina,bekki, megan,ore, chloe, millie, robyn, tayla, vicky, jessie, sarah and tara are comin!!
. well, got to go now see you soon

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  1. Tara Says:

    hi jamie that was a great party!

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