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Tuesday, 29th July

neo stuff

by @ 7:46 pm in

hiya everyone
have you seen the banner at the top of the page yet? just click on it and it sends you to neopets which is an amazingly great site. also on the side bar, beetween games and categories are my neo pets
are they not very very cute well you may not think the top left one is but love him. he is called bogey and to the right of bogey is shandin and below shandin is vampire and to the left of vampire is vally. yes i know they are weird names but i love them anyway. leave a comment if you like them

4 Responses to “neo stuff”

  1. paula Says:

    I think the one that looks like a tiger is cute..;-)

  2. mum Says:

    They all look really cute, well apart from Bogey, but he looks as though he could be fun. Do you have any others?
    Mum xoxox

  3. winnie Says:

    i love neopets I LOVE KOUGRA!!

  4. Tanya Says:

    I like the Korbat.I have one myself.They are really cool and very cute.You guys should get one!

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